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Life Talk!

i found an extemely beautiful island............

wendy wang

wendy wang




 the site above is a pretty beautifl island in Spain…..hope you can enjoy it….....

have yo ever travelled somewhere before and the place impressed you deeply???share it with us…. tell the name and location…..website is also welcomed!!!!!!

04:49 AM Apr 13 2007 |

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An extremely beautiful island? What else, if it is not BALI.

Bali is the Paradise Island.It's so beautiful !!

It is the place for the holiday of a lifetime for the young, for the old, for EVERYONE.Enjoy the tropical climate, clean air, mineral water and good food.Lots to do in the evening as well as during the day, walking a long the breaktaking sandy beaches ( never seem crowded ), going to discos, night clubs, jazz clubs, bar to have FUN.Enjoy the spectacular dances, traditional ceremonies, ritual, ancient cultures and modern things such as the International hotel, cuisine as well as hot bodies, breathless bodies, excellent art museums and galleries.

09:59 AM Apr 13 2007 |




Hi wendy,

Really its a very beutiful island,  

so many places in the world to deeply feel our soul.


10:37 AM Apr 13 2007 |

wendy wang

wendy wang


i agree Bali is a paradise island and indeed scenery there is very beautiful….

I prefer Culebrita because the island is very quiet gives me an effect of spaciousness…. it is said that there are only about 1000 residents there. I have had enough of huge crowd in china  hyou know we have a population of over 12,000,000,000........................

peterisland is not so bad …..



12:46 PM Apr 13 2007 |



Viet Nam

Hi edorado!

When reading something u ve posted abt Bali, i imagned that i was there…..hihihi….and enjoyed it. So great!

I ve gone to some places in my country_ viet nam. I ve never visited another country on the world  before…....hichichic…....So boring.!

But if u visit viet nam, i can introduce u some places to visit, such as: Nha trang, Sapa, Vinh Phong Nha…...

I ve gone to Nha Trang for more 3 times. Its a beach city. Seafood there is very fresh , delicous and very cheap…..The weather is very comfortable.And people here r honest and kind. Of course Beaches there are very beautiful

Enjoy it if u come to Viet Nam, guys


02:07 PM Apr 13 2007 |


United States

island in spain?  it is in pueto rico

 been in Nha trang many many times.  it is beautiful but the color of water is not the best

the most beautiful island i have been to is the Naussau, bahamas ( featured in lots of movies and the most recent one is in 007 Royal Casino)  I am sure BALi is beautiful too


11:09 PM Apr 14 2007 |

wendy wang

wendy wang


The most beautiful island is the one without crowds of people in my mind…..i know there must be some beautiful unnoticed islands despite not so famouse but waiting me to find and know ….......................i have gone to none of them anyway, just heard of them from others and hope to share them with ppl….....hehehe

03:42 AM Apr 15 2007 |