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Do u believe that its possible to find true love or friendship on web?




Is it possible in ur oppinion to find real love on web? Maybe u already found one? Have u got some friends that u met on web but u already know them in real?

06:05 AM May 18 2009 |

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ofc I believe..

I met my bfby Net.. Bu polish communicator..;P hehee ;0

and now im with him ( 2,5 years ) :D:D hehee ;)


I have lots of friends who I met by Net and now i know them real :)

06:27 AM May 18 2009 |




Why not? I´ve met a lot of people from the net… Some are my friends, some are not. I think it depends on how you behave while chatting: if you behave as you are in your let´s say "real life", you won´t have any problem.

The thing is that many people pretend to be what they are not in their lives… and there´s where the problem begins.

And yep, I had a relationship with a guy I met on the net for 3 years! 


06:54 AM May 18 2009 |




i believe in it, but its really difficult….you can't trust everyone…you have to be careful cause there are so many different people in the web…

07:40 AM May 18 2009 |




Why not?
Web involves my real life it doesnt mean if u know someone from internet it’s not real. There r still so many bad ppl eventhough they’re not from internet.

07:52 AM May 18 2009 |




Yeah !! I believe that. if it would be successful. it would be very Cool and Romantic Love. eheh lol but im also afraid that too. :D

08:02 AM May 18 2009 |



Russian Federation


thanks for such a detailed answer)) i do agree with you, especially with this -> Everyone has a diff. opinion about this issue, so I can consider it as a "touchy" issue as it differs from person to person

and this ->> I think it's possible, as long as the two friends or lovers relationship is based on honesty and trust


only one thing i could add to all this.. is.. when you communicate with ppl in internet, you should have such a sense as "intuition".. cause if you have it, then you can feel people.. and it helps much in understanding them.. but even me was screwed once.. i met a person in internet.. and we had "our story".. but in 1 month i realized that everything he told me was lie.. and i felt really bad.. cause i never met smth like this before.. but even bad experience is experience.. so that case helped me to be more and more careful while talking with ppl online..


but no matter what it's of course possible to meet good ppl online.. friends.. boy/girlfriends.. why not?.. we all live in different countries.. how else can we meet each other if not in the internet (excl. traveling)..

10:34 AM May 18 2009 |




I also has met my love in Net. I am very happy!

11:11 AM May 18 2009 |



Russian Federation

prince_of_love, it's really sad… About your story. But of course, it's an experience! I remember the time, when I told my friends about my desire to find someone in the Internet. And my friends warned me that there are a lot of liers in the net. But I haven't met so many of them. Only once, but it's in the long past. Others are quite interesting people, and besides I've found some acquaintances! :) We connect via the Internet, call each other, and sometimes we meet. And once I met a boyfriend, we had been going out for a year… I am very glad all these people.

11:35 AM May 18 2009 |


United States

Cool,I agrre wit mynote,evan if she is a 78 year old greek man,lol

03:15 PM May 18 2009 |

Monique Fernandes


of course i believe… like Star39 said… you have to have this "intution" about them… and time will show you if you were right or wrong… i've found friends that will be in my heart forever!! also i met a boy in the internet (not ebaby) and today he's my classmate!! :)

now about love… it's possible… we had even a marriage with ebaby members :P nothing is impossible… that's why i'm still waiting to snow in my superhipermega HOT city hahaha

04:07 PM May 18 2009 |