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what's your opinion towards gays?




I have a gay friend ,he is such a nice guy ,but very confused because gays are not treated equally in our country.

I don't think it is his fault ,everyone could choose his own life.

what do you think ?are you the kind of person who oppose gay guys ?

01:39 PM Jun 23 2009 |

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I respect everyone life style and of course it is not my right to judge anybody.
everything exists has its own reason, i don't thing is anything wrong with them. It is not their fault. i also have a gay friend. and he is dilemma, coz in China this is a challenge against traditional ideas. Not to be treated equally.Maybe he would marry with female oneday and unhappy all life. i wish every lovers would be happiness including gay. i like them and understand them.

03:09 AM Jun 05 2010 |