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What do you do when you like someone?

Whitney S

Whitney S


Some people like sending presents or calling by the phone, some other decide to tell directly ''I like you'' and some other are so shy that they do nothing  but looking at the boy/girl or they get clumsy or get blushed

What kind of things do you do when you like someone?



05:14 AM Sep 02 2009 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of


Just let him/her to know.

In this case you can tell him/her

If u hate him/her in future too.


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08:05 AM Sep 02 2009 |



I think just tell how you feel stright ahead .. "hey , I really like ya , and I wanna go out with ya " ... just that simple !!


04:52 PM Sep 02 2009 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


Cool answer guys. Thanks for replying!

In my case I dont tell him I like him or anything like that If I am not sure he likes me, but If he likes me and he doesnt do anything because of his shyness I do some kind of things that will let him now I like him  too, that way He can feel sure to take the first stepLaughing

02:59 AM Sep 03 2009 |




i will smile Laughing

03:40 AM Sep 03 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

i still haven't found someone so i'll just write my opinion here. 


i dunno what i would do if i like a girl. who knows, may be i try 2 forget about her, since i'm not that interested in her, and maybe i would try to get near her as possible as i can.

05:36 AM Sep 03 2009 |


Viet Nam

Hi, What will I do when I like someone? Oh, difficult question. I'll smile with her, do something for her such as write classical letter to express my think for her and etc..Smile

Good luck.

06:09 AM Sep 03 2009 |




When I like someone I let him fall for me so that he would like me too…hahaha^^

03:18 AM Sep 10 2009 |




i agree with Whitney S that firstly i will observe the guy i like. if he feel the same as me. i may approach him first. Continue our good relationship and i believe we can have the happy ending together.__ 

08:20 AM Sep 10 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

well it depends tho

coz girls r different in tastes but m sure that she will know that i like her from my attitude ;) 


01:17 PM Sep 10 2009 |