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Life Talk!

vacation or study

hopeful girl

Saudi Arabia

hi  every one ,,Iam saudi girl,,and we have a vacation for 2 weeks only…

what do u like studying or working,,or vacations and breaks…to me I really LIKE  vacation,,,,,,ummmm I LIKE to wake up at morning,,drink my coffee ,,,then walk,,read novels,,,go outside ,,,,I REALLY feel of happinees…"""'



what about u all???

Iam waiting for ur replies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1



11:38 AM Nov 20 2009 |

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princess of flowers

Saudi Arabia

Hi hopeful girl

Iam  from KSA too. In fact, I am in a long vecation Laughing because I have graduated

 last year and i do not have job until now .

12:03 PM Nov 20 2009 |



vacation and break is much more better…<!-Session data->

03:58 PM Nov 20 2009 |


Palestinian Territory, Occupied

in vacations you feel more free ,, and you have much more time to do whatever you want .. and to organize your time the way you want ..

that's why i like vacation more :p

princess of flowers congratulations ,, and hope to get a good job soon :p

Thanks .

05:51 PM Nov 20 2009 |

princess of flowers

Saudi Arabia

Thank u Miss_SeCret .

God bless you .

06:12 PM Nov 20 2009 |