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Do you care about how other people think of you?




Do you care about how other people think of you?

01:23 AM Dec 25 2009 |

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thanks spontan for sharing your experience.it really happens like that in life.some people will not like you only if you make them hear what they like.it's important to listen to others and it's important to say your opinion freely and with love,too and it's also important to refuse what your heart and ind refuse..

if we try to manage people,we'll lose ourself's respect and we'll not love ourselves and as a matter of fact we'll not get real love from others.we'll just fall in a social hypocracy.

i agree that others' opinions about us affects us deeply,but the best way to avoid being obssessed with the idea is  authenticity.just  forget about people and try to be yourself.noone is perfect and everyone of us has his own bad sides and has to improve him/herself peacefully and paying attention to his nature which is a different one.we shouldn't fear others' judgements because they are often subjective.

04:59 PM Dec 31 2009 |




hi lilimira,

yes its difficult to have a own honest authenticity, without to appear sometimes  careless,selfish,arrogant…


02:56 PM Jan 01 2010 |

Bebe Cita

Bebe Cita

Puerto Rico

Guys, we can not control what people think about us, u know? They will always talk about us, so It is a waste of time trying to prove something to gossip people.

That is why I dont pay attention to what the people think about meSmile

10:11 AM Jan 04 2010 |




No I never bothered about the people whatever they feel ,think & say about me. But I lost too much, I lost contant with others.So I have started learning to be intouch with them.

I have lived with different ideas & tried to learn the fine way of living life.I feel that ,if I feel that I have some good quality in me it is valuable for me only,it is of no use for others & if I feel to share & transfer it to others I must learn to have heart to heart communcation with others & value their feelings.   

03:19 AM Jan 31 2010 |



If its person evil idiot i dont really care.

If its normal i will think what is said to me.

Peace to all.

04:02 AM Jan 31 2010 |



People who criticize me want me different cause they see in me what they never will be. the only case when I may care about what the others think of me is when theirs says will help me to improve myself.

10:32 PM Jan 31 2010 |




As long as I’m not doing something wrong,I don’t care

07:45 AM Dec 07 2011 |