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Life Talk!

what do you think about Spain and sapaniards?




well there are a lot of similar threads but now I want to know what do you honestly think. Your opinions are wellcome!!!!


03:29 PM Jan 30 2010 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of


how are you dear dabbid?

nice topic.

Your country is one of the greatest in the history.

it is so beautiful too.

your language is one of the international languages that is spoken in many countries.

I like the Football ligue in your country (LALIGA).

Barcelona is my favorite but i like REAL MADRID just for KAKA,RONALDO & KARIM BEN ZEMA

have a nice time.






04:35 PM Jan 30 2010 |

Monique Fernandes


Hmm let me see just what I remember.. there are many languages in Spain as Spanish, Galician, Catalan, there's another.. I think it's Basque?

Cervantes the Autor of Don Quijote was from there.. there are beautiful cities like Barcelona, Madrid.. Valencia =) The country colonized most of the countries in Latin America in the past… I think that's all I remember.. it's always in the top list of the most visited countries by foreigners every year!

05:40 PM Jan 30 2010 |




Hi. I had the pleasure of traveling to Spain. It was amazing, my favourite country actually. Spaniards have a lot of similarities with uruguayans, so I felt at home. People are usually kind and helpful, most of the times I felt comfortable with that. Architecture, art, it is really wonderful. Something bad, I've never seen people such racist, xenophobic and intolerant. With foreigners and with spaniards themselves (catalans, basques and so on). I waas called sudaka three times, and really, it doesn't feel right. But apart of that, I do like Spain and Spaniards

05:50 PM Jan 30 2010 |




thank you very much for your replies,

Hi Sina, Barcelona (Barça) is also my favourite football club ( Guardiola is the best coach ever ) :D thank you for your comments and images.

You are right Monique, there are many languages in Spain, and thank you for to mention my city ( VALENCIA) :D

Hi Santiago, I agree in that uruguayans and spaniards have a lot of things in common, I'm sorry about the comments that someone said to you, I'm sure that people who said that to you are the same people who say bad things about other communities into Spain, they are intolerant people and they haven't to much culture. Latinamericans are our brothers and they're always wellcome here :)

Hi Ulya, I'm very happy to hear that you are learning our language! If you need some help I would love to help you. Here we think a russian accent is cute :P

 You are all wellcome!

all your comments are very positive, thank you,,,,,

but what happen with critics? come on, don't be afraid i would like to listen your replies. this is positive too and help us to understand what we do bad and what we can improve.


07:09 PM Jan 30 2010 |

Monique Fernandes


Oh really? You're welcome, dabbid ^^ I also don't know any negative points in Spain!

08:16 PM Jan 30 2010 |



I like the language and currently I learn it intensively.

08:46 PM Jan 30 2010 |



Never been in Spain but hope to visited some day.

09:50 PM Jan 30 2010 |



United States

Well, to tell the truth Spain always attracted me . It’s something exotic, spanish music, spanish dance everything is so passionate, so unusual . And in my life, spanish is among the languages i want to learn. As for spanish literature, well, it’s not that much rich as french one, but the specimens of spanish literature are really extraordinary, unusual, exciting . Spanish people, well , to tell the truth , i’m acquainted only with one spanish :) but this person is really good friend, understanding , etc . But i do believe that most part of spanish are like him , kind, human, understanding, tolerant .
i hope i’ll visit Spain in my life :)

10:09 PM Jan 31 2010 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


What I like about that country is that it is the place where my Martincito lives Laughing

10:02 AM Feb 02 2010 |




Do you have a boyfriend in Spain Whitney?

11:44 AM Feb 02 2010 |