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Life Talk!

Game - What would you do if...?



 Hi everybody! Let's play another game? All you have to do is to answer my question and propose another one, okay? 

Here's my question:  What would you do if you had lots of money?

As an example, here's my answer: If I had lots of money, I would build hospitals for poor people.


12:15 PM Feb 05 2010 |

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I would fight corruption and poverty… I say that because, unfortunately, there is so much corruption and poverty in my country.

What would you say to president Barak Obama if you bumped into him?

04:15 PM Feb 05 2010 |




I wanna to marry you.lolLaughing

which singer do you like most?


05:24 PM Feb 05 2010 |




which singer do you like most?

Me, singing karaoke :)

what would you do if  you  in  bus /car and in  your way   And you want to  urine?


I would endure this trial heroicly !

What  whould you do if you met you classmate after 30 years and he\she didn't recognize you?

09:09 PM Feb 06 2010 |



What would you do if you discovered your boyfriend / girlfriend had cheated on you? Would you forgive him / her?

10:46 PM Feb 10 2010 |



Russian Federation

I would say goodbye to this world… :) 

What would you do if your close friend (or relative) addicted to gamblings or slot machines and lost all his money?

07:09 AM Feb 11 2010 |

older lady's candy



What would u do if u break down or feel hopeless?

 Walking, until speed ur all energy until u cant walk anymore. take a bus go back home sleep.


05:43 PM Feb 11 2010 |



if I could go back in time I would try to be happier and learn more.

what would you do if had to choose between to do what is correct for society or what you really want to do even though  it could be weird or wrong to others?

11:51 PM Feb 11 2010 |



I would say to my teacher, "Sir / Madam, I really, really, really need to go to restroom or else", and would rush out of the classroom.

What would you do if you found a wallet full of money? Would you try to find its owner? Would you take the money before that?

01:05 AM Feb 12 2010 |



What would I do if a friend of mine and myself loved the same person… that's a tough situation… well, such thing never happened to me (as far as I can tell)... I would probably try to hold back my feelings, I guess.

What would you do if your best friend's lover said he/she is in love with you?

01:27 PM Feb 14 2010 |




What would you do if mice rule the world??

lol.. is that possible? I dunno, I think I wouldn't like it xD

 What would you do if ur dog talk to u?

I wouldn't tell anyone, I don't want to be called insane :P But I'd become a good friend of him xD

 What would you do if  ur hair burns? (loooooool)

Scream like a hysterical and run to the bathroom for water

 What would you do if u get lost in the middle of the sea???

You know, it have always been one of my biggest fears :P I think I would try to suicide me quickly somehow


What would you do if you can't get along with and really hate your husband/wife mother?

03:40 AM Feb 16 2010 |