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where is the freedom here?

♥ ~.•'Peace~Girl~ஐ•.•.

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya


When the Danish drew the prophet (PBUH) .. They said personal freedom



When the Christian nuns wore a headscarf (hijab) .. They said personal freedom




When they change one's religion: personal freedom

In all things …

Personal freedom




But ..


When the Muslim girl wore a headscarf


Prevented her from studying in the university and school!!!


Where is freedom of Muslim here???

Please answer me

05:34 PM Jun 12 2010 |

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And a large chunk of Muslim women dont like burqa either. Men and some brainwashed females, especially new converts in west and some women here who have been raised to believe that women are inferior to men (as the glorious lord states women are root of all evil and the first sin was thanks to Eve so that she was punished with periods) may believe that, but a lot dont. The main reason behind them as per Islam is that their bodily shapes and curves shouldn’t be revealed. I hear for certain that a lot of young women don jeans and shorts inside their burqa. They obviously want to throw it away, but cant. (google Vida Samadzai and click on the wikipedia link)

08:42 PM Jul 05 2010 |