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Life Talk!

where is the freedom here?

♥ ~.•'Peace~Girl~ஐ•.•.

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya


When the Danish drew the prophet (PBUH) .. They said personal freedom



When the Christian nuns wore a headscarf (hijab) .. They said personal freedom




When they change one's religion: personal freedom

In all things …

Personal freedom




But ..


When the Muslim girl wore a headscarf


Prevented her from studying in the university and school!!!


Where is freedom of Muslim here???

Please answer me

05:34 PM Jun 12 2010 |

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Saudi Arabia

how about  the for  Christians in some countries     that  can not practice their o0wn

05:53 PM Jun 12 2010 |




Hi peace girl:

But I think, you still have the choice – don't go, if you don't find freedom there.

Nobody can snatch from you your most basic freedom; the freedom of choice – even if you are literally in the prison.

In prison too you have two choices; to be happy, or, to be pathetic.

So, the choice is ours, whatever we choose for ourselves – no excuse.

Excuse means – I am a failure.

No-excuse means I have the other way, even if I fail.

So, know the power of your choice – don't be the person without the choice!

Again choice must be used judiciously because each choice either make you pathetic or happy.

So choose to be happy!



06:00 PM Jun 12 2010 |



United Kingdom

Where is the freedom for non-Muslims in Saudi Arabia and in many other countries in the Arab world?


Since when are you people lecturing us about anything?

05:38 PM Jun 13 2010 |



United Kingdom

And exactly what is wrong with people criticizing the prophet Muhammed?

We're not Muslims, and we don't believe in him, so why can't we say what we think about him and his ideas without people like you telling us what we can say?

05:40 PM Jun 13 2010 |

Monique Fernandes


Where do you mean HERE? In Lybia? :/

If you were in Brazil, you'd be able to go to school and university with ur scarf! Here all girls and from all religions have the right to study! It's a pity it doesnt happen there then :/

05:44 PM Jun 13 2010 |



Dear Rosella,

I read your painful comment and i dont want to go in depth, but would like to bring your kind attention on one truth has been said by Allah in holy Book Quran. Its our mistakes we know the truth , we study everyday but we are not a right followers as per the holy book Quran. 1400 years back Allah sent all information very clearly, but now see and guess. When we were countable on finger we ruled all over the world but now there are approximately 57 Muslim countries and all are in troubles or surrounded by enemies of Islam.


09:18 AM Jun 14 2010 |



Dear Ryo,

Have you not seen our holy book Quran, where everything mentioned clearly. Its our mistakes we loose our grip which was instructed by our beloved prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), if you hold it tightly Quran & sunna (Ahle-bait) then no body misguide you.  

09:26 AM Jun 14 2010 |



United Kingdom


What about If I talked about your mother in so bad way?? how you feel if publish bad pictures about your mother… Do you think it's a freedom… The freedom has boundries … The same for our prophet Muhammad …

I think that the Muslim countries have to force non-muslims who are within their lands to wear headscarf as the non-muslim countries like france have prevented Muslims women to wear headscarf…

10:36 AM Jun 14 2010 |



United Kingdom


I'm not in support of provoking Muslims with stupid, insulting pictures of Mohammed.

I think some sense should be exercised before such things are released BUT, I agree we should have the right to do so, even if we shouldn't morally.

My comment was referring to something else.

I'm referring to intellectual, political and theological criticism of Mohammed and Islam.

05:19 PM Jun 14 2010 |




Simple, Islam is not part of our culture, and if you want to wear your veils, you must do it outside our countries, as well as people from our country can't wear bikini in yours.

06:57 PM Jun 14 2010 |