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Life Talk!

Clean Talk




I hate alot of people talk about gander or sex

when start talk , he/she ask about gander or m/f

It is so important, i love to speak brain to brain

dreams to dreams

share everythings sometimes

but rules break since first time or after time

people search for one only


Who agree with me? and Who love to have great friendship ? no matter boy or girl

for clean talk

12:11 PM Jul 24 2010 |

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huei ni


I agree!

I want to find great friendships,and get foreigner friends to improve my english…

hahah…it's my dream…

04:16 PM Jul 24 2010 |




You're totally right. Unfortunately that's the case with mostly everyone. Though what really bugs me is that even when you do put what gender you really are, people still ask you: Hi, are you m/f?


07:37 PM Jul 24 2010 |



Syrian Arab Republic

i agree with u ,        really i am so happy becouse there is a   good people like u يعني بلغتنا الشامية : الدنيا بمخير بوجود أمثالك

10:38 AM Jul 26 2010 |




me too.

I hate them.

some words,it's very nausea

I only want to find a buddy.

01:50 PM Jul 26 2010 |



i have the same thing. Male or female is not in effect in making friends. English is a langguage we want to learn, understand, and use well so that we chat together to make friends and practise english here. It is my hobby now. i don't care about the gender of you. just english , english and everything we want to share in english.

07:52 AM Jul 27 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

I agree with you . when I wanna to speak with people in English I do that for Only one purpose " I wanna to improve my ability to communicate with people in English " But when I try to do that  I really shock in reality , People care only if you F/M and to make special relationship with you  ,and they don't care about English although that was the purpose that this site built for !!!!!!!

10:49 AM Jul 28 2010 |