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pakistan aid enough ?



Do you think of aid that enough or not  to have made to pakistan ?

specially muslim country who rich and have got oil ? dıd they care and made aid enough to pakistan ?

08:10 AM Sep 06 2010 |

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China Central Television broadcasts news about the flood in Pakistan everyday and try to appeal people to offer contribution, I hope those aids can be used in the right way

04:37 PM Sep 06 2010 |



Our brothers and sisters in Pakistan are in very bad conditions after that natural catastrophe
They need our help
I think that nations and individuals are helping but still it is not enough untill the offered aids be given to people in need.
I pray Allah watches over our sisters and brothers in Pakistan.
Bless u brother

05:53 PM Sep 07 2010 |



really pakistan people need help god.

ı can see that pakistanan goverment con not managed pakistan good and there is no fair ın pakistan.

ı hope pakistan people will select real pakistan goverment that managed pakistan better than now.

god help pakistan people really ı can watch tv news they are so good and honour people even they are poor..



08:10 AM Sep 11 2010 |