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Life Talk!

Do u believe in miracles?

Nicte ha

Nicte ha


What do u think about the power of our mind??

Do u think it is possible to reach more than just physical benefits?? 

How far can we reach through using our mind??


08:00 PM Oct 14 2010 |

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I don't know if it's possible that our mind can do something else beyond the normality, but at the same time I think all is possible. There are people that can learn a lot of stuff in lesser time or can count very fast than normal people but beyond this I don't think there are other possibilities. One time I watched a tv program in which there was a man who could do very very difficult counts in a very short time. Is this a miracle ? In a certain way yes, for common people like us. But I don't beleive to things like the human being is able to move objects or control another person with thought's strenght or similar things. I think this is science fiction. But I'm convinced that we don't know a lot of things about mind's capabilities yet. Like always it's only an opinion.


10:46 PM Oct 14 2010 |




yeah`it happens all the time , but sometimes i dont see it

 only 3% of hunman brains' function has been exploited, we dont have enough knowledge to detect the rest 97% of our brain's function. so technically, miracles are not that miracle. maybe it's one of our basic instincs which we havnt realized it yet~ god know what hunman can do, but we dont

12:45 AM Oct 15 2010 |



There is a  great power who do miracles.That power is our God.

03:53 AM Oct 15 2010 |



The life is an miracle!

08:18 PM Oct 15 2010 |

Nicte ha

Nicte ha




f_r_a_n_c_e_s_c_o and  lulukw:

I agree about that human brain is not used totally in 100%, just i wonder how far could we get by using our own mind.



Yes, u r right but God gave us one mind, and one brain, but I think its wonderful and unexplored yet.




Yes, its amazing how the man smiled after he died, but, 

What is a martyr mujahed??

Why is he hurt??


Totally agree!Smile

03:44 AM Oct 16 2010 |



I belive..

but ın fact dont need to think about that.

we can see miracles everyday ın our life.

pls look everyday womens born baby.% 95 so healty..

pls look people face bilion people dont looks like them.

isten people voice never looks like ecahother..

all of them are miracle..

do you agree with me.I dont know. 



11:01 AM Oct 16 2010 |




SmileYes I believed  My miiracles in this my mind only mind not other.Smile

11:33 AM Oct 16 2010 |



ı agree with dear daeNg but pls dont forget ourrmind never belong to you until endless.

ıf we use ourmind true it is mıracles.

and we shouldnt forget nuclear bomb and guns was created by wonderful mind 

mind is mıracle  but some mind can destryed real mıracles over the world.

mind looks like computer hard dısc…ıf we can full good things…certinly will create miracle….for us. 

02:12 PM Oct 16 2010 |

Nicte ha

Nicte ha




The fetal heart also has an opening between the upper chambers (right and left atria) called the foramen ovale. This opening allows blood to flow more directly from the right atrium to left atrium during fetal development, but also closes after birth. This means that the ductus arteriosus and foramen ovale are part of the circulatory system before birth but this device changes after birth.

In most babies, these routes by which blood flows close naturally soon after birth when the lungs begin to function and the cardiovascular system.

02:21 PM Oct 16 2010 |

Nicte ha

Nicte ha



Me too, yes DaeNg s right, nobody can move on, to help us better than ourselves.

But I think that we, human being r indeed able to control our own thoughts, and our sadness, or our own mood.

I think that our thoughts go low directly to our heart and then they become in wishes (good or bad)...., finally they converted into real actions.

And those events (actions) route our life….,

well, thats my opinion.Smile

02:30 PM Oct 16 2010 |