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This is for students.....!



Do you participate regularly in class?


Class participation is one of the essential criteria that most ( if not all ) teachers rely on when it comes to student's assessment. Many students like participating in the class, and be heard by their class mates. Others find participation as a nightmare, because they are a bit shy or over introvert, or perhaps very arrogant that they don't trouble themselves to take part and share their views in the class.


    1.So what kind of student you are ?

    2.Do you participate regularly? is Participation a nightmare or a pleasant opportunity to expose ur self?




Thanks for your answer!  


01:22 AM Jan 07 2011 |

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 I would consider myself a passive student in comparison with my class mates. I don't participate regularly and I seldom air my views, I guess it's because I'm a bit shy, most of the times whenever I want to say an idea I find other students have already said it. lol I'm trying to justify this!

01:38 AM Jan 07 2011 |

Black diamond


am realy active in the class and i participate regularly .. ^^ ,but

it also depends on the subject that the teachers explain it to us ..

10:46 AM Jan 07 2011 |


Russian Federation

1.I think that I the active student.

2.I participate very often and everywhere.

11:38 AM Jan 07 2011 |




hi )

I would consider myself a active student ) I have friendly and open-mind classmate's ,so we all participate .. I think  that this is  not trouble for us, it's like normal work )

06:59 AM Jan 08 2011 |



you are right due,i daily take my classes,but if we talk about participation in some kind of activities,i am little bit shy guy. 

07:04 AM Jan 08 2011 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


I have always liked participating on it. But since I got to the university, it changed. When I was in primary school and high school I used to shine, but when I started my studies in the university, I realized I turned into a more shy person when It comes about participating in the class, so I had to struggle with it until I forced my self to do it because If I dont, I will never move forward about it :)

11:35 AM Jan 08 2011 |




actually i like take part in a participation and want to say my opinion. regretly i am little bit shy and say not so much. but i am trying to be more open-minded!! :)

03:49 PM Jan 08 2011 |



I always participate in class and like it.bu to be honest before i was shy,then i changed.now i  am more active

03:56 PM Jan 08 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

I was shy when I was a kid         But  i waS  very, very active       and  i was  sing tin the garden alone  somtimes      I didn't I study at home      I took this with awards       On the first day            I wondered  whats  this stange  place  which         has Many of the children with uniforms similar    why  my  parentes not with me            But I did  understand  the system  that  u have  also  study  in home    i didnt  undertsnad that  till  i  became 16  i discover that  others people study in  home  too           
and When it became the sixteenth become very, very bold

10:49 PM Jan 10 2011 |




just sit there,listen or sleep

07:24 AM Jan 19 2011 |