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Viva Egypt



since 25 jan egyptian in all the country specially in the capital cairo are trying to say to their president and his government and its party you should go out we want to change all the situation and we will stop dectatoration

have u heard about what's happening there/.

11:36 AM Jan 27 2011 |

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have u heard about what's happening there

braveheart the world is watching what is going on in your country take care .This inspirational video of Egyptian people stopping a metro train is currently doing the rounds:

  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3yuPlQv-sU        http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/blog/2011/jan/27/egypt-protests



01:41 PM Jan 27 2011 |



i wish you the best, bravehart. (not just because of your nickname ;) )
i think this wave of protests in north africa is a chance for the mankind to find together! We aren't as different as some guys try to tell us! I think it will be hard work in egypt, but you could earn a lot. viva egypt, viva resistance and viva freedom!


07:35 PM Jan 27 2011 |




may allah bless you and give you strength to reach justice :)

08:41 PM Jan 27 2011 |



the egyptian government is trying to isolate all the country from any connection with the outer world

first they cut SMS service from all mobile phone companies

now the internet service is down all the country

and many news about stopping all mobile services in egypt

plz all free ppl alover the world tell others about what's happening in egypt

egyptian ppl need every help and pray

11:21 PM Jan 27 2011 |



if they try to cut a part of the internet (censorship), there is a possibility to reach the websites despite. just have a look at the software "Tor". It's a way to build a tunnel to another country, so you can see all the websites on the world.

05:33 AM Jan 28 2011 |



Bosnia and Herzegovina

Honestly i was never fan of Arab world but these demonstrators (Tunis n Egypt) amazed me. 

And i heard  that text messaging appeared to be blocked but my pen friend from there managed to send me msg early this morning so i guess there is a way.

07:40 AM Jan 28 2011 |



i've not go to egypt.but i very worry about this country,the common people's blood with every variation

08:26 AM Jan 28 2011 |





09:45 AM Jan 28 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of



We say congratulations to all of you who are trying to defeat one of the worst governments of the world which get supported all the time by some powerful countries to kill people and dance for their masters to show he is a good slave for them.

It is the last destiny for people who are slaves of super powers.

we stand with all of Egyptian people who are  brave.

We support your revolution and pry for you.

لیس للانسان الا ما سعی

(there is nothing for any human without any efforts)

we are watching you every day via media.



and many websites.




09:57 AM Jan 28 2011 |




yes of caurse we know and we pray for you , inchlahh very things will cahnge to better ,

i think is the only way go go and alahh with you

12:20 PM Jan 28 2011 |