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Life Talk!

What do you think about life in other cities?

Vladimir Tomm

Russian Federation

Hi everybody! I want ask you about where is you want live and why?
What you think about life level in USA? (P.S. i looking new friends)

07:32 PM Feb 11 2011 |

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I want to live in a house because its a good place to live. 


USA level is in North hemispheric , so their life level must be a big higher than downer! LOL

Q:So are you planning to live in USA? in fact, USA is a country… So where will you go for a living?


Q: Yes, but where?


Q: YES, BUT WHERE??!?!?!?!




pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase, you should say life level in NJ, or NY, or CA, or whatever, USA is big so the level is different from place to place.


01:13 AM Feb 12 2011 |

Vladimir Tomm

Russian Federation

Place? Ok. Florida or NY. What you think?

05:04 PM Feb 12 2011 |

Vladimir Tomm

Russian Federation

Thank you for you replay.

09:48 PM Feb 12 2011 |



 I never been to California, so I don't have idea. now i live in Connecticut, the percentage of trees are high, about 80%. I like it.

11:26 PM Feb 12 2011 |




the  life  which you  draw it  in  your  heart is  the best   even  as  you  live  without house and the   sun  fire  you      your heart  and  heart  you  look  for it  your   wife   its  your  life

08:24 AM Feb 13 2011 |

Vladimir Tomm

Russian Federation

I think i would choose florida because it`s warm and there is sea. Everyone has own house with swimming pool. There nice.

07:00 PM Feb 13 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

why usa!! when theres a beautiful country called switherland

09:10 AM Feb 15 2011 |



Faith from
  Wow faith, you're really a faith uh?

I'm going to say some little conter things from what you've just stated above, but please don't take it as an offence.

Because, some people like to speak English 

 any civiliced and developed country speaks english nowadays…. :) you can be in switzerland or in any country and you can speak english… gosh, i'd die if i had to travel somewhere and had to know their mother tounge.

hate cold weather

As far as I know USA isn't a Tropical country. there are states which are hot and states that are cold. When you say USA, you should think in the whole country and noooot in one place.

the most powerful

well can be..I've nothing against this

free country

most is a big word did you know? But nevertheless, you're right, you guys are so free that there are alot of crime due the freedom… Here you can't have a gun without license mainly, but as far as i know, over there you can have a gun in home, without any problems. also that's the reason why there are so many kids going to school killing others. Also you're so free that racism and homophobia are so high in your country… :) please re-think in the MOST word… sometimes we just speak with full mouth…


I'm not attacking I'm saying some truths… Of course USA is a good country, but you should have told the other side. There isn't Good countries..there are countries..all of them have a bad and good side!

10:52 AM Feb 17 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

faith !!how u can adore ur country when u know its just a white lie!!

i was in swiss 3 months ago .yes it was cold but such a beautiful and peaceful place to live that u will forget the coldness of weather and so on .

if i wanna say sth against ur opinion i should repeat rikarduhed's words again !

besides i think our country have a better climate than usa.in north its rainy and cold in the middle its moderate and in the south hot and sunny :))

i m not goin to talk about politician cuz i hate barak obama as i hate our president .all of them are killing ppl becuz of power and so on.so usa isnt strong and wealthy cuz the money which comes from exploitation and assaulting makes u criminal not wealthy!

freedom is nice words but doeant work in usur country :)

02:24 PM Feb 18 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

also i went to ur profile and saw sth like them which u hate it but u will find it easily in ur country :)

Racism, Sexism, Violence, Drugs, Crime, War, Cruelty, Pollution, Cigarettes, Alcohol, Liars, Terrorists, Cold Weather, & Profanity

02:28 PM Feb 18 2011 |