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Life Talk!

what is the last book you've read in English?

alpha girl

alpha girl

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hi everybody.

I always like book so always look for new books. 

plz tell everyone what's the book you're reading these days or you've read before in English.

As for me I'm reading" Follow your heart" these days… actually I'm rereading it cause I've read it once before.

Now you say what do you read? 

03:43 AM Mar 04 2011 |

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Terra incognita


Short stories by O. Henry and “Theatre” by Mougham

07:39 AM Mar 04 2011 |




I usually read articles on the internet

07:48 AM Mar 04 2011 |




I'm reading a novel named "red riding hood", I got to say I love this novel so much! :)
Before I read it, I was reading another book named "happiness in hard time", also a good book, helping a lot:)

09:30 AM Mar 04 2011 |




what book are you recommend?

12:36 PM Mar 04 2011 |

alpha girl

alpha girl

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Thank you guysCool

Savannah, could you say who are the authors of the books you're reading?

03:12 PM Mar 04 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

it  would be great  og everone post the site of book too

ir picure  

03:15 PM Mar 04 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

The last book I read was "Love Story" . It wasn't a great book for learning new vocabularies.One of my friends bought it for me.At whole it had a great story.


09:17 AM Mar 05 2011 |



"Great expectations" by Charles Dickens

06:21 PM Mar 05 2011 |

Self Talker

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hmmm as I remember I was reading about a listening English..and I think it's name is "BBC business English"..very helpful for any one who wants to improve her/his English skills..Recommended to use it….

08:18 PM Mar 05 2011 |

alpha girl

alpha girl

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Thank you guys.Cool

go on…

02:29 AM Mar 06 2011 |