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Life Talk!

The spring and rain


Iran, Islamic Republic Of


The Spring and Rains

Open the windows

 for Breeze is celebrating  the birth of acacias.

And Spring  is lighting a candle

 On every branch,near each leaf.

 All swallows returned , and cried freshness

The alley is overwhelmed with songs

And the cherry tree  

Came to fruition

By the gift of the acacia’s celebration.

Friend,open the window

Lo , believe the miracle of rain

And generosity within the eyes of meads

And love within the spirit of breeze

Joyfully celebrating

The birth of acacias

In these narrow lanes

With empty hands.

 The soil has come to life again

Why are you sitting like stone?

Why are you  so sad and forlorn?

Open the windows

And believe

The Springs


08:05 AM May 15 2011 |

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wow ,it is wonderful

09:25 AM May 15 2011 |




yes, I liked it either

11:29 AM May 15 2011 |



The spring is good, the rain is better, the spring and rain is best.

11:36 PM May 15 2011 |