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Life Talk!

Which U.S. city do you want to visit?


United States

Which U.S. city do you want to visit? and Why?   New York, L.A., Seattle, Chicago, Portland…........  There are many.

I would love to hear where and why!  You don’t have to choose just from the ones above…ANY city!!


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02:08 AM Jul 19 2011 |

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Russian Federation

Hi! Frankly speaking the USA is not in my list of the countries I would like to visit in near future, I am dreaming of New Zealand or Australlia or Cuba or Fiji but if I had a chance to see any US cities I would have gone to Miami (as it is famous for its beaches), Washington (to see the official buildings there), Chicago and a couple of small towns where people live their routine simple life, keeping traditions and smell of the History

02:33 AM Jul 19 2011 |



 I never visited USA so i think New York is a MUST.

In addition I’d like to visit Seattle because i have heard it is full of smart people :)

07:29 PM Jul 19 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

 Im a person who love nature and beautiful landscapes (green mountains,waterfalls, beaches ..)

i really love and adore east Asia ( especially Malaysia and Thailand and Sir lanka )

but to answer ur question i guess Hawaii is the only place that i dream about ..

coz i don’t know any other places, i just know US countries by watching their movies .. 

and if there are any other places famous with their beautiful landscapes im sure they will be in my list for the countries that i would like to visit ..


09:35 PM Jul 19 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

In fact, all regions, south north and middle  there

 bevause  i  loke new things   nuatare  etc

and Because I love the contact with the various classes and  people  

04:27 AM Jul 20 2011 |



Hi songggg

Thanks to write Italy is great. The best place to live in Italy are Dolomiti. They are wonderful mountains and I live at their foot with my parents and my brothers. At night you can see the best starry sky you have never seen.

But you need dark to see Mary Star :D

02:55 PM Jul 21 2011 |




hawai-it has to be beautiful there,then ny (because of csi:ny-i am fan :D) miami (csi:miami :DD) washington dc (house,ncis)...just famous places :)

05:18 PM Jul 21 2011 |




and norfolk and quantico :D

05:19 PM Jul 21 2011 |




definately L.A… most of my idols live in there

01:51 PM Jul 22 2011 |




yeah i forgot LA

03:40 PM Jul 22 2011 |



right question to a right person;)

I would like to see all of those cities that are just worth of seeing and others that my “friends” live in,like Havre,MT, Hot Springs,ID or Stanford,CA.

It might sound boring if i say i wanna see Ney York,Los Angeles,Chicago,Washington DC,but i just want to and i don’t care if others like this idea,cause that’s my dream to visit USA!!!

some of you say “the USA isn’t an attractive country to visit…”,this is like an individual feeling what we see as attractive or not,i found States as a cool country to visit because of the many aspects and nothing is gonna change it

03:39 PM Jul 31 2011 |