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Life Talk!

what will you do if you have one million ?




well ,if you have lots of money ,what will you do ,shopping ,or others ?

04:39 PM Aug 02 2011 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Actually with one million,I can just think about shopping.But if I had more,I would try to travell somewhere.

06:00 PM Aug 02 2011 |



Dominican Republic

if i have a million i will look at 2 millions, jaja

01:47 AM Aug 03 2011 |



Money make you free, relaxed and tolerant.

You don’t  need to play nasty tricks on somebody or lie to survive.

You can be yourself without any fear. Yes, I think money help to live better.

Cosmetics don’t make me happy because I don’t need to wear a mask before going out :DDDD

08:35 AM Aug 03 2011 |



..first i’d give the half of it to my familly (granparents and parents) to make their life better and then i would travel to countries that i’ve always wanted to visit…like US,Mexic,Australia,Ibiza.etc.I’d take a spanish course….and i’d help people that need help the most…it’s easy to talk about it when you don’t have a milion:)

08:25 PM Aug 04 2011 |



Hi, I am new here. I live in Italy, near Padova. I like Manga and all Japanese culture.

If I had a millin I will buy a new house and decorate all outside walls by Manga and the inside ones by Hentay….. HOPS!!!!

Sorry..now I feel embarassed O_O

07:28 AM Aug 05 2011 |




well give some to charity

study in a university

buy a sweet house

try to invest the rest if there ‘ll be a rest :))))))))))

one mellion isn’t that wow nowadays you should say 10 mellions you know prices become such a crazy

for instance it cost you about a half mellion to own a moderate apartment in my country

06:57 PM Aug 06 2011 |




i am so sorry to here that ,how about your mom now ?me too ,i wanna travel all the world .

03:47 PM Aug 08 2011 |


United States

A million wouldn’t go very far, so I think I would only do a few things. I would buy a modest house and a new car. I would maybe give some of it to my clost family and a couple friends. I would also donate to my local church. I think I would also make a few investments to make a few dollars off of the million dollars. I certainly wouldn’t spend it all on clothes and electronics. I think I may buy a few things that I really want, but wouldn’t go crazy.

04:20 PM Aug 11 2011 |