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Life Talk!

A Story Beyond Belief (Written by Zeus)


zeus2006Super Member!


(I hope you like from my real story.I wonder your comments.)


It was a very cold night in January-2005.It was snowing and I was very tired but I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking about her! Where was she?How was she?

It was the end of the November-2004.I had just started to improve my English at WSI. I wanted to learn English so much, I trusted I was going to accomplish this. I knew I had to work very hard.I was trying in every way to do this.

One day, my cousin was chatting with his friend whose name  is Mümtaz ( He has been going to the University in USA for two years).That time, a good idea came to my mind and I told Mümtaz ‘Can you find me an e-friend from  there’ He replied ‘Yes,I’ll try to find one’.A day later, while I was studying on net he sent me a message by MSN Messenger. He had found me an e-friend. He gave me her name and mail address. Her name was Alora and she was from Venezuela. She had been improving her English in the USA. I sent a message to her on the same day and she replied to me. Everyday it was going on like this. We were improving our friendship day by day. (By the way, I live alone at my own house.Do you know how to live alone? Never mind!) I was coming home,wondering what did she write to me today? ‘The earlier I come home the quicer I can read her messages’ I was thinking like this.As if she was living in my home.In one case,  she told me when she finished her course, she wanted to travel to different countries that she didn’t know yet. I told her she could start her travelling from my country and she decided to do it. We were very happy and we were looking forward to her finishing her course. She was going to come to Turkey this year If she didn’t go throught ‘that’. What do I mean –‘that’. You have got to be patient, I’m telling the story! Then I wrote to her ‘If you come to my country, please tell me about one month before because I must prepare my work schedule’. But she didn’t reply to me,I sent another message  I didn’t get any message from her. I thought,may be she was very busy. After six days,I began to worry about her. I’d written her every one these six days.In my last message I wrote ‘Please write me only two words (I’m OK!) because I wonder about you. What happened?Are you okay? May be you don’t want to write me anymore,  If you don’t I can understand this but write to me I’m OK’ After I hadn’t heard anything from her for ten days. I decided to write to Mümtaz. I sent a message to Mümtaz asking how Alora was. Mümtaz wrote me ‘’Please be quiet, don’t panic. While she was bicycling a car crashed into her and she went into a coma, she is paralyzed’. Doctors told him she won’t survive. Oh my GOD!  I couldn’t believe I was reading this. I was so unhappy, so sad. I wanted to write her a message but she won’t be able to read it, may be, she might feel it and I wrote. After a week, her parents took her to her country. Mümtaz told me this news.

I won’t be able to hear anything from her anymore. Sometimes, I asked Mümtaz ‘ Do you have any news from Alora’ He always told me ‘No’. .I  was praying about her all the time; ‘Please my GOD, help her. She is very young, she has hopes for her future’.You know,I went on to write her twice a week. I know, this is mad. May be she isn’t alive anymore, she will never read all these messages , but I trust GOD, if she is alive she feels all of them.

Six days ago,Mümtaz sent me a message: ’Alora came out of her coma’. Thank GOD!!! It’s a wonder she’s still alive. Mümtaz received this news from her school friends.I wanted Alora’s address from him. If he finds it from her school friends he will send it to me. Now,I’m waiting.

Please, let’s love everybody-everthing without expectation, let’s not wait for the future to do something, let’s live for today and ofcourse think about tomorrow,AND LET’S TRUST GOD

PC: Now it is 2007.I got angry a bit Mümtaz because he couldn’t find her address from her school friends.I hope She is okay…


07:33 PM Aug 15 2007 |

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Saudi Arabia

OMG you had to go through that my god yea i have alot of e-friends and i cant imagine some thing like that happening thank you for sharing your story it was touching .. i hope you get Alora's address and visit her some day.

09:07 PM Aug 15 2007 |

Echo Wang

Echo Wang


    So sorry to read this story…. I will pray for her..Zeus, all go well. God will hear your praying.

01:13 AM Aug 16 2007 |




so sad to read your story!  She will get well as soon as possible ! Don't worry! God bless you! 

02:00 AM Aug 16 2007 |


zeus2006Super Member!


Hi Black’’n’’blue,Echo Wang,Xinyu,Nu Pogodi,

First of all thanks for your comments.

-I don’t think I will be able to find her address from now on, but I would want to get it,black’n’blue.

-I hope,too Echo Wang and Xinyu.I’m sorry about this sad story L)

-And finally Nu Pogodi; Firstly It wasn’t an anger just I felt like that at that time according to Mümtaz because my feeling was so new and I didn’t want to change it while I was writting this story.It must be whole truth.Ofcourse I put myself in Mümtaz’s shoes,there was no much thing that he could do.Now I want to answer your questions:

-It was in november-2004 and in february-2005 now it is 2007.Ofcourse I sometimes remember her and at that time I pray her.

-What can I do about this situation.I don’t have any info about her.Just I know her father was a manager at a Bank and her mother had a boutique.

-If she is paralyzed and if she can not write me or mayn’t want to write,How am I suppose to do something except praying.Ofcourse I thought her grief and at that time if I got her address

Or phone number I would write her parents or call.Even I thought to go there to share her feelings.Yes, you’re right, everybody has their own way of resolving grief.Know what I mean, life goes on for us.Now I have a girl friend who is from Ukraine and she lives in İstanbul.Me and my girl friend typed this story together on this site.We are happy tos hare this story with all you.By the way I liked St.John Chrysostorn's word.Be happy and healthy.Take care.Zeus J

11:33 AM Aug 16 2007 |


Hong Kong

you're right, every thing happened without expectation. We must treasure all the people around us, even those friends who you know on net or not actually meet.

Your friend will get well soon.Keep praying for her !

12:20 PM Aug 16 2007 |


Saudi Arabia

yea i agree keep praying for her and inshalla you see her soon i hope so .

10:05 PM Aug 16 2007 |




may be it does exist,sometimes I believe it.Any way, I hope all my friends will be ok in the future!

02:51 AM Aug 17 2007 |


zeus2006Super Member!


Hi Steph2007,Black''n''blue,spasmodic,

Thanks for your comments.I'll pray for her Inshallah she get well soon.

What a nice wish this is,spasmodic I hope too all our relatives, friends and all people be OK in the future:)GOD save us.

Be happy and healhy.Take care.Zeus :)

08:25 AM Aug 17 2007 |