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Life Talk!

i love my family more but ,,,,,

lady diana

lady diana

Syrian Arab Republic

recently i’ve been asking my self a question,,,,,,

why do i behave with my friends ,,strange people ,, and neighbours in a polite way ,,,,while i don’t follow the same behave with my family?

although i love my family more than others and they also mean every thing to me,,,,,but i don’ respect them as i do with others!!!!

i don’t know if i’m the only one who is suffering and feeling sad for this

12:24 AM Nov 16 2011 |

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lady diana

lady diana

Syrian Arab Republic

actually all that u said is true,,,,and thank u for passig

but i wanted to point that all those other people dont care and dont precious our behave towards them in most of the time!!!

while our family helps us and always stand with us while we dont precious that for them ,,,,,that’s why i some  times i criticise my self

01:34 AM Nov 16 2011 |



i respect my family for sure and i treat them so well but i feel so free with my friends so i guess its normal :)

03:13 PM Nov 16 2011 |




i think that the human has many characters one with the family ,another with fr

iends, another with strangers and another with relatives and with our lecturers

in my opinion that is because the human brain adapt with any situation he face

so we are multi characters 

10:36 PM Nov 16 2011 |