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Life Talk!

difficult choises



Hi everyone!

What helps you to go on if you think you have made a wrong choice? Is there any friend that inspires you or someone particulary who encourages you to do something?

If you want to do something but you have a mental barrier which is caused also by the situation you are living at school, knowing the thing you want to do will be very difficult and you don’t know if you gonna make it… what would you do?

I’ll wait for answers… bye!

09:16 PM Nov 20 2011 |

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The choice is between a difficult way and an easier one:

If i go to university i’ll choose some that is very difficult for me,  on the other hand i can choose to go to university to study something easy for me and then go to work to earn money.

The problem is that I’d like to choose the difficult way but I don’t know if I can do it…. 

09:58 PM Nov 22 2011 |



Dear Ryo

In my case i didn’t like autopsy when i was a child and i still don’t like it and one thing is sure: I won’t be a doctor! I let this job to everyone who likes it :)

In my opinion if you have the opportunity to study to get the job you like, you should catch it. And that’s what i want to do. I know it will be difficult and finding some poeple nice and helpful to me to study would be a luck. I have two years to decide what I’ll do in my life. 

You are right because if you don’t care about fail o succes and you do something because you like it it’s less hard than think you must be the first.

If you have a dream, follow it make it happen, not just dream of it.

Ryo, i hope i’ll find the right person that will help me in my choice. thanks :)

11:26 PM Nov 24 2011 |