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some people



do you believe that there are some people pretend that they are your real friend just because they want utility from you and when they get it from you…they leave you?is it right or wrong

10:33 PM Sep 06 2007 |

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Saudi Arabia

yes YES YES it right there are ppl like that i have met them my whole life and its not nice to know some ppl like that .

07:07 AM Sep 07 2007 |




It depends on the personality of that kind of people. Unfortunately we meet them in everyday life. But the general are good.

07:38 AM Sep 07 2007 |

lola forever

Saudi Arabia

that is bad thing 2 meet people like that, b/c they just want some thing from u so,they r not real frinds.the person in this life need 2 real frind.

10:59 AM Sep 07 2007 |