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Which foreign language most difficult to learn?


Syrian Arab Republic

Many of those who study foreign languages wonder which language is the most difficult one in the world. Linguists say that there is no precise answer to this question because everything depends on which language you speak. Neurophysiologists believe, though, that the Chinese or the Arabic could be described as world’s most difficult languages. The brain of native Chinese or Arab speakers may find it difficult to perceive those languages.


What do you think guys?

01:02 PM Mar 29 2012 |

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Syrian Arab Republic

Israeli scientists analyzed the activity of the brain when reading and distinguishing words among the native speakers of English, Arabic and Hebrew languages. Volunteers took part in two experiments. During the first one, they were shown words and meaningless combinations of letters in their native language. The respondents had to decide whether the words had any meaning, while the researchers were registering the precision and  time at which the answers were given.

During the second experiment, the volunteers were shown words on the left and the right parts of the screen simultaneously. The brain thus had to analyze the symbols either with the right or with the left hemisphere.

The results proved to be very interesting. The English-speaking and Hebrew-speaking volunteers could read the words easily with one of the hemispheres regardless of the other. The results shown by the Arabic-speaking respondents were different. When reading the Arabic, the right cerebral hemisphere can not function without using the resources of the left hemisphere. Reading the symbols of the Arabic written language activates cognitive systems of the brain, the scientists concluded. Therefore, if you want to develop your mind, you can take the studies of the Arabic language as a good option.

01:11 PM Mar 29 2012 |



Chinese, yeah, I think it’s too difficult to learn. But I’m learning Arabic at the moment and it’s not so much difficult, just some sounds are difficult to pronounce. 

Betty Blair – an american editor-in-chief of the magazine Azerbaijan International in her speech at my University told us that all the languages that belong to Turkic language group – that is Turkish, Azerbaijani, Kazakh, etc. are the most difficult languages for the Americans to learn.

06:27 AM Mar 30 2012 |

tutorheatherSuper Member!

United States

I have read this article. and others associated with the topic, with interest.

I have taken a lot of courses in linguistic theory and certainly champion those who are deeply involved in this field.

As a language teacher, however, I wonder why this topic is so important to people. I have a Middle Eastern student who spends part of each class speaking about this issue, which I find a total waste of our time.

Does it really matter which language is considered more sophisticated/more difficult? I suppose knowing a fact (such as Japanese students must pass an exam by commanding over 1500 hieroglyphs) adds to our appreciation of our world, and how hard people labor to become literate, but to what end this persistent dialogue?

I see language as a vehicle by which we communicate with one another, do business, entertain ourselves and others, and enjoy the sound of words and how they work together to create incredible masterpieces, etc. But what good is it to compare one language against another in hope of determining which language is the most difficult to learn?

In terms of my particular student, who needs English so badly for his job, he spends so much time mocking  English that he loses focus.

Anyhow, just my two cents!


06:36 PM Mar 30 2012 |



I believe is most difficult to learn a foreign language the older you get… I have seen that kids learn quicker than an adult…

04:29 PM Apr 09 2012 |