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if you like your job,please hand up



Do you like your job? I don’t like .I prefer to stay at home but I know it is wrong, I am a teacher,it is a honour job in my hometown, people think it is comfortale too,but it is not .though I have only two lessons a day but I have to go to school at night and can’t go home until 10:30 and have to get up 6:00 next morning to supervise students, besides these, I spend a lot of time to ready my lessons, correct students’ tasks, and do excises. We have no saturdays.Our headmaster doesn’t know my subject at all.but he tells us he thinks how we should do and he thinks what he said is always right.the school rule tells you how many homework you should give every day how many tests you shoule do every week,but I want to teach my students in my way ..
I don’t know which work I am suit

12:24 PM Dec 10 2005 |

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I like my job. I am a tester.

08:56 AM Jan 10 2006 |



Maybe YOU CAN PERSUADE your headmaster and try to prove that your teaching method is better than what regulated in your school.Different lesson has diferent feature. As a teacher, the most important thing is to teach your lovely students in the best way. Not all the lessons can be ruled by your headmaster in the same way. Cheer up, my friends and you will like your work and the chidren little by little!

07:11 AM Jan 18 2006 |


United Kingdom

what’s hand up meaning?

09:14 AM Jan 18 2006 |



I think the different teacher has differet way to teach lesson, which method is the best? it hasnot same answer because of different education system in the different country.

03:09 AM Jan 19 2006 |



i do not my work too!i am a teacher,but i do not have a lesson

06:31 AM Mar 07 2006 |




If you donot like your job.ok.you are a teacher.
I am a student .I want to tell you :I like to
stay at school with my friends ,my classmates.
yeah,I also want to pergform well in my teachers’
eyes .you know?In china .so many stydents donot like
their teachers.but I am not one in them .I like
all my teachers.
so .for some your students like me .you must change
your attitude to your job.
be activy.
Try and try.
I think u can.

08:03 AM Mar 12 2006 |



you are a good student!
any a teacher will be very happy if he meets a student like you !
i don’t like my job,some reason is for my students.they don’t like to learn .they like to play ,play ,play!

02:01 AM Mar 14 2006 |




i will be a tester too.i donot konw what will happen to me.but i think all will be well for me.god bless me!!!

01:29 AM Mar 22 2006 |

golden in oven


hello,i am a university student .i not only want to pass the CET-4 exam ,but aslo i want to improve my english writing capital.when i know you are a teacher ,i am pleasure beacause you are aslo a angle .i consider with your emorance work.it is possible i have make a mistake.but i believe this is under your control.where are you from ?i am from fu jian .i find your english lever is high.i hope you can be a good friend with me .i expect your letter coming >>my name is golden in oven>>.

09:30 AM Mar 22 2006 |