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Life Talk!





   Examples about superstition:

  1. If a mirror shatters for any reason, this is seen as a bad luck in my country.
  2. if u open the ambrella at home->bad luck.
  3. to have a shower in the time of "Maghreb" prayer.

      and the list may goes on nd on…

 nb:im not superstitious in general but i just want to know if u have such superstitions in ur cultures.and if there r other superstitions,u r welcome :))

04:31 PM Oct 08 2007 |

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United States

the mirror breaking is bad luck for 7 years here

umbrella inside the house is also bad luck

you're Maghrebi and a lot of your superstitions are the same as ours

black cat crossing your path means bad luck

don't walk under a ladder

some people don't ever say the word "dead" (as in "dead ahead"=straight ahead)  while flying a plane

very few pilots will EVER jump (parachute) out of a perfectly good airplane

hanging a horseshoe the correct way above a doorway so it will catch luck (open end up)

some I have heard:

wearing yellow underwear on new years day will bring luck

wearing all white on new years' eve is a good thing

05:50 PM Oct 08 2007 |

Mapleleaf Man


Every time I spill salt I automatically grab some and throw it over my left shoulder. It keeps bad luck away!

02:11 AM Oct 09 2007 |




it's the first time,i hear that Friday is an unlucky day..Undecidedbut i know very well that it is very heavy day…lol

01:10 PM Oct 10 2007 |



United States

I have heard that ships don't like to sail on Fridays as it is supposed to be unlucky. But then again, a woman on board a ship was considered unlucky too, many years ago. Personally I hate Tuesdays as all bad things seem to happen then.

04:01 PM Oct 10 2007 |