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Love is all around



Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Love is all around, it's in the air and in your heart too ! …. express your feelings and say those three magical words… 'I Love You'… and make your sweetheart/ spouse/ fiance/ fiancee/ boyfriend/ girlfriend/ loved one feel special !

11:38 PM Oct 25 2007 |

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yes it exists everywhere especially when you are in such a good mood. And just listen to a song titled Love is All Around by the band "Wet WEt Wet" you can feel that.

03:41 AM Oct 28 2007 |




parents are the people who love us most in the world.when we are surrounded with love in life,remember to express our own love to the person we love.love makes a wonderful life.life without love is like fish without water.

03:06 AM Feb 17 2009 |