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Wait tocall?



<!-==text==begin==-> I’ve heard that you shouldwait to call a woman after the first date. Someof my friends say 1 day, some say 3 days, and somesay 1 week. Do any women have an opinion onthis?Ali



10:47 AM Feb 22 2000 |

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<!-==text==begin==-> We have wasted too muchtime on waiting. wait for a bus… wait for thetraffic light to turn green… I hate waiting. Ifyou think the girl or the boy is the “right” one,why not let her/him know immediately. That’s myopinion.  <!-==10004==107==end==->

04:21 PM Feb 22 2000 |


United States

<!-==text==begin==-> From a woman’s mind, theman might have better chance if he waits a coupleof days. It makes us wonder if he likes us.  <!-==10004==108==end==->

11:54 PM Feb 22 2000 |



i don't think so go ahead as soon as possible.

04:45 PM Oct 04 2007 |



Brunei Darussalam

For me, I much prefer for a uy to call me back after the date. Since your ever saw her apperence, she would think about negetive thinking and comments. Sometimes she wont start it. Becuse she doesnt want to be rejected. Better you start it with a good conversation. Conversation is important.

01:13 AM Oct 06 2007 |