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Life Talk!

when you choose one thing, you may lose another




As I talked with my friends last night, he said to me one words" when you choose one thing , you may lose another." It really reminded me something.It just like what we said " You can not have cake and eat it."

Sometimes, when you need to give up something to get what you want more. Life is full of choices. Sometimes you chose the right way , other times you don't . So that's why life is make up of success and failure. Life is challenging.

What's your opinion towards this ?

01:01 AM Jul 04 2006 |

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Choice is a part of life and shouldn't be marked the label of right or wrong,is't it?So,you shouldn't worry too much when you are preparing to make some choices.In my opinion,how to do it better is more important.Of course,you may lose something other,but,please don't be afraid or repentant of it because you may more repentant if you aren't make the choice.That's it.

03:57 PM Jul 09 2006 |




Interesting subject! 

I think that the choices are essential "thinks" in our lives. We always must select between two or more choices, and we always run the risk of being wrong, because the choices always have advantages and disadvantages. But, like Email8191 says, this is part of our life. 

Sometimes, we delay to take a decision because we feel fear about the consequences of that decision. But the important think is always to take the best decision for us, and we have to know that when we choice an alternative, we lost something.But we gain something too.

And, I think the life is more interesting because we can decide (life is difficult too, but it's interesting! :-) ).

Well, that's my opinion.



02:00 AM Jul 11 2006 |



When yu choose one thing, you ma lose another.  Maybe because you have to give one thing in exchange for what you have chosen.  It's risk-taking.  It's like leaving your comfort zone and try another opportunity.  If you choose one thing, surely, you lose another because you have to give it up in exchange of the one chosen.

Life is like that.   There are lots of choices and decisions to make.  Sometimes, we made mistakes in our choices and decisions.  But life also offers for us to learn from those mistakes.  Only fools do the same mistakes again and again.  it's like saying they never learn to stand, they can't pull up themselves because they make the same mistakes.  Mistakes are not to be shunned.  It will happen no matter what, because we interact with other people.  Our choice might be good for us but not for others.  What we gain in chosing, might be a lose to another person. 

That's life.  As we live, we make choices and decisions.  That's why, it is good to learn discernment.

04:19 AM Jul 11 2006 |

little DNA

little DNA

Viet Nam

life is full of choices and that you have to consider carefully

but i think that's why life is interesting and worth to live. It brings you the chance to try doing sth, gives you the chance to get experience 

so don't be afraid when making a choice, just consider and follow what u think is right. Take a risk and even if you fail this time, life will give you an another time to try and do it again

That time you will win!


11:29 AM Jan 07 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

One can not have every thing at once. In this case, it is good to learn how to take right decisions, no need to hurry things up because life is full of chances. 

12:46 PM Jan 07 2009 |




Yes,life is full of challenges,and sometimes wo actually have to lose something ,because life is life,we can not accept all the time,because if we do, life will be super boring and dull.

So just be brave to the challenges and regard them as the episodes,what you have done is a history ,let's forget it and think about tomorrow!!

10:07 PM Jan 07 2009 |