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Movie Madness!

Tim Burton



Russian Federation

Do U like Tim Burton`s movies? I think they`re very good & have a sense! Yea, Tim is a crazy man in his movies and in common life as well, but, of course, he`s not a mad on the contrary he is a geniuses…strange, but after all we all are slightly crazy… And what do U think `bout it??? ;-)

04:52 PM Mar 24 2008 |

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Yeah! Tim Burton is one of my favorite director.

I saw many of his films like "Batman" , "Edward Scissorhands" , "Batman Returns" ,"The Nightmare Before Christmas","Mars Attacks","Sleepy Hollow", "Planet of the apes", "Big Fish","Charlie and the Chocolate Factory","Corpse Bride","Sweeney Todd" and so on.

Thereinto, I was just think,"'Corpse Bride' is very a characteristic Cartoon and 'Big Fish' is a thoughtful films".

Besides above, "Batman" and "Mars Attacks" are my favorites.



03:42 AM Mar 25 2008 |


Puerto Rico

I like Tim Burton he is a very creative director.I think he is a genius,he knows how to mix art and film to make something original and different.

06:26 PM Mar 26 2008 |




IMHO his films are awesome :-)
And also his poems are scrummy ;-) And these strange series about Stain Boy…

02:28 PM Mar 27 2008 |




i crazy about his films.

i wonder who can reject them,when Tim Burton and Johnny Depp team up.they two lend colours to each other.

11:51 AM Mar 29 2008 |




yes ,i love his films,especially <the  big fish>is very good.in his early films,i like edward scissorhands.despit  don't know about his everything, i love to watch his films.

04:09 PM Mar 29 2008 |



Yeah, I totally agree with u, about 20 years ago I had read a book named "all geniuses are all madman", after that I have been crazy more and more. Foot in mouthWink

11:44 AM Mar 31 2008 |




I love Tim Burton! I also love the actor, Johnny Depp and the actress, Helena Bonham Carter whom he always gets to act in most of his films. The three of them together in a film is really a smash hit. I did enjoy watching most of his films. I agree with all of you. He definitely is a genius but a little weird and different which is a good sign since he has his own original style which nobody can ever copy. ^^ Kudos to him, to everybody he works and have worked with and as well as the movies he will be making and have made. Laughing

12:56 PM Apr 04 2008 |



I like his films…

06:05 PM Jun 24 2008 |



Tim Burton is one of my favorite director!!!
My favourite is " The Nightmare Before Christmas" Laughing

02:45 PM Jul 07 2008 |


Russian Federation

I like Tim Burton he is a very creative director. Have you seen <The nightmare before Christmas>?Smile

06:10 PM Feb 16 2009 |