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Movie Madness!

What do u think about Qentin tarentino 's movies?



I love movies of Q. Tarentino!!

My favorit movie is kill bill! Also, i love the music that he uses in these film. I've u an idea on his new movie "inglorious basterds"?

08:22 AM May 22 2009 |

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"Inglorious basterds" will be released this summer (August 21st in USA). It is going to be showed first in Cannes. It is divided in 5 chapters and its during time is 148 minutes.

I love "Kill bill" too!! The fight between "The bride" and Elle… wowwwww! Amazing!!!

I love the songs "About her" by Malcolm McLaren and the remix of "Bang Bang (My baby shot me down)" of Audio Bullys!

02:59 PM May 23 2009 |



 You are a very good film buff!!!

Is there a movie that you don't appreciate? (except Saw, of course! lol)

05:38 PM May 24 2009 |



I saw the trailer of “Inglorious basterds”, but it do not really attract me. At cannes, the film (has) had only one Palm for one of the actor. This movie was the most applause (during 10 minutes). I’ve heard that in this film Q. Tarentino uses David Bowie music.
This movie remember an another one ; “La liste de Schindler”. In an another kind, it’a horror film. Have you ever seen it?

07:21 AM May 25 2009 |



Hahahaha! Well I love to watch every kind of movies less sweet romantic comedies, love movies or teens movies (like the ones of Disney Channel where all is hapinness and teenagers are dancing and singing…. Creepy!!!!).

I have not seen the trailer of "Inglorius…" but I feel so much curiosity!!! I can´t wait!!! 2 years ago I was waiting for "Grindhouse" (Quentin did one of the 2 films) at the movies but it was released only on DVD at the beginning of this year… But I didn´t enjoy it (I love the second movie "Planet terror" of Robert Rodriguez!!). So I hope this new one don´t dissapoint me as the Grindhouse first half!!

And talking about terror, maybe that´s why I enjoyed them, because I know they are not true. Films based in true events like "Schindler" or "American crime" are really disturbing for me; I watched them but they alwaws remind us how evil people can be… and that´s is the real horror.

04:43 PM May 25 2009 |



this is the trailer of “inglorious basterds”.

07:34 PM May 25 2009 |