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Music Mix!

Slovenian music... songs :) In slovenian language.



Hi… only one song what I know from Slovenia is from band "Sestre" "Samo Ljubeza"...!!! :P):):D… I know, I know… maybe some one don't like this band, but song is just perfect!!! ;)...

So what artists can U suggest?? Please… :)... Thanks! 

05:28 PM Feb 02 2008 |

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silver girl 4 u


the only artist from Slovenia I know is Alenka Gotar :D She was the representant of Slovenia at Eurovision Song Contest. Her result wasn`t a great one but I still think that Cvet Z Juga was the best in the contest :)

09:31 PM Feb 07 2008 |



Russian Federation

Yeah! Alenka Gotar was the best one!!!

02:06 AM May 24 2008 |