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Music Mix!

play with me.....


Saudi Arabia

hey yeall how are you doing .??

any ways there is this game ok ill start a song and with the letter i ended it with you start another and we go on until for ever i guess..?

the song :

              how can you see into my eye's like open door's

       leading you down into my core where i've become so numb

             without a soul my sperits sleeping some where cold

                 untill you find it ther and lead it back home..

ok you start a song in any language you like with the letter "E"

ill be waitting …..


02:54 PM Mar 28 2007 |

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                                   Eliminate, the life decline…

                         I've paid the masters with blood and hunger

                            ...and it's not for sale by any stretch

                                it's like religion without a bible

                            and the dragon lives inside my mouth

                             and it speaks in tongues, the word ….


07:00 PM Mar 28 2007 |


Saudi Arabia

   do i hate you

    yes i do

  what should i do

 how about you…..

01:01 PM Mar 30 2007 |


Saudi Arabia

thank you .. i love you--> not

12:57 PM Mar 31 2007 |




your arms r my castle

your heart is my sky

08:21 AM May 04 2007 |


Saudi Arabia

you are my sun shine blah blah blha thingi what ever..

12:16 PM May 04 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

What ?

Play Tesh or Tera

HA HA HA HA Tongue out

12:52 PM May 23 2007 |


Saudi Arabia

huh!!! what in da god damn world do you mean !! explanes are needed here..

02:02 PM May 23 2007 |