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Music Mix!

Puffy is Great !


United States

I was a major of Japanese , I love Puffy’s music.
Puffy’s music usually , as the lesson said , is fun , is light , is happy .

Of course i can sing their songs without the aid of paper.


02:40 AM Jul 20 2002 |

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United States

I think so. They are great!
Do you know someone in the US singer like a Puffy?
If so, could you tell me the name of them?

And I love Imai Miki, a Japanese singer.
I am also looking for the US singers who have
something relux mood.
Can you recommend someone?

08:19 AM Mar 03 2003 |



United States

I’ve seen Puffy in concert twice in the U.S. and the shows were really fun. I hope they come back soon because I’d like to get another t-shirt.

06:28 PM Apr 08 2006 |