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TOEFL Question




I got a TOEFL practice question.

– One purpose _ to make up for money spent in the French and Indian War.

a. of the Stamp Act

b. of the Stamp Act which was

c. the Stamp Act

d. of the Stamp Act was

I think the answer is a. or d., but I'm not sure…


01:42 AM Jan 13 2009 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

Hi! The correct answer is (d). The subject of this sentence is "one purpose." You need to have a verb to go with that subject. That's why the answer is "of the Stamp Act WAS." Was is the verb in this sentence. 


Thanks for your question!


09:51 PM Jan 14 2009 |




hiiii, i'm going to pass toefl exam and in my university recured score is 500 do you know another grage to tell me how much is it on following it? becouse i grade i know the maximum score is 120.
can you answer meee?

06:00 PM Mar 18 2009 |

Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

There is no official passing or failing score for TOEFL. The score needed to enter a university is different for each university. Usually a score of 500 is considered good.

However, there may be a different scoring system for internet-based and paper-based exams. I'm not sure what the system is for the exam you took.



09:45 PM Mar 18 2009 |




500 means 61 by the sistem i meant :) thanks for your answer by the way

01:58 PM Mar 19 2009 |