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winning sympathy?



South Korea

That behavior will win no sympathy.

I could win the sympathy with other people.


I know what the sympathy means….

but I can't see the these sentences.

win the sympathy? what does it mean?

In second sentence, I feel sympathy about other people or They've got sympathy on me?

I am confused…... and do you guys use this express like "win the sympathy" often?


Thank U!


12:56 AM Mar 06 2009 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

"Win sympathy" means get other people to feel sympathy.

So the speaker is telling someone that if he or she continues to act in a certain way, it won't make other people like or sympathize with him or her. 

And in the second example, the speaker is talking about getting other people to feel sympathy for the speaker.

I hope that helps!

Amy Smile

09:52 PM Mar 06 2009 |



South Korea

Thank you AMY! I GOTCHA!!

03:52 AM Mar 07 2009 |