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3 phrases

original12Super Member!

South Korea

I have three questions today. 

1. "Stop pulling my leg".

2. "I make my own road".

3. "Peace in the middle east".

Could you please explain the meaning of the phrases and when to use it? Also, if you give me an example of using that phrases, that would be great!

 Thanks a lot!

05:21 AM Nov 10 2010 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States


"Pull someone's leg" means trick someone or lie to them. For instance, "I really saw Britney Spears, I'm not pulling your leg!"

"Make one's own road" means do things in a unique way. For example, "I don't do things like everyone else, I make my own road."

"Peace in the middle east" refers to the end to violence and fighting in the Middle East. For instance, "The President promised to work on peace in the Middle East."


01:15 AM Nov 12 2010 |