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using the word Attribute



Saudi Arabia

can You please tell me How can I use the verb Attribute …

06:06 AM Nov 15 2012 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States


The verb “attribute” basically can be used in several different ways. Sometimes it means to assign the origin of a work or remark to, such as “That quote about the secret operation was attributed to a White House official.” It can also mean to assign as the cause of, as in “The team’s success was attributed to the save by the goalie.” Finally, it can mean to regard as a quality or feature of something, as in “Healing properties are attributed to certain herbs.”

You’ll notice that, unlike many English verbs, “attribute” is frequently used in the passive voice, as part of the phrasal verb “attribute to.”

Hope this helps!


06:24 PM Nov 15 2012 |