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about "Game show"



Dear Teacher

I have some questions

(1).what dose the sentance “well-tanned host” mean?

(2).I don know how i use the expression “caught up in the moment”

  the expression is a noun,adj or adv??

 Why i can use this expression like”They’re caught up in the moment, hoping tha…..” or ” I think every time you watch one of those shows you get caught up in the moment”

(3). Grammar of this sentance”What are there, like, 500 people in the audience”

03:26 PM Feb 12 2014 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

1) Well-tanned means that the person has spent time outside in the sun or in a tanning salon. He or she has darker skin than normal, which is considered beautiful in America. Host is the person who introduces people on the show and explains the games.

2) Caught up in the moment means you are only focusing on what is happening now. It is an expression that completes a verb. It will also follow a form of the verb “be.” 


You can use caught up in the moment anytime that you think the only thing that is important is what is happening right that second.

3) The meaning of this sentence could also be written, “I think there are 500 people in this crowd,” or, “How many people are in the crowd? 500?” The speaker doesn’t know exactly how many people are watching the show, so he is using filler words and an abnormal construction in this casual conversation to ask a question that also gives his guess.



01:32 AM Feb 14 2014 |