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billing date and security on this website



I know that this forum may not be a right place to ask these questions, but I emailed to Ebaby customer service through “contact” form more than a week ago and yet  they have never responded!!! So, I’d appreciate if anyone could answer my questions:
I’d like to know when the billing date after the 7 days trial. Also, I don’t see any security systems such as “ a lock key button on the address bar” or a web adress starting with “https://” when I enter a credit card information on the subscription page. How does this website protect customers’ information??

03:06 AM Oct 21 2014 |

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Hi Yukky. Well, good point of yours. As you can see, I’m super member but I don’t remember if when I’ve put my credit card data I was under “https” (my mistake). Buut… I went to account now, then to “Billing data” or “billing” and when you enter there, it goes always as “https”. I use Google Chrome.

I’ve contacted Ebaby customer service weeks ago and haven’t got neither any answer yet.

Take care!

02:01 AM Feb 06 2015 |