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Proverbial tuppence




Hi, Amy. Help me please with the meaning of the phrase ‘proverbial tuppence ’ It’s from Agatha Christie ‘Towards zero’ . Here is the dialogue:
‘I wasn’t your girl. Circumstances forbade.’
‘Quite so. Not even the proverbial tuppence a year between us.’
‘Shut up. I fell in love with Nevile and married him’
Thank you.

12:10 AM Sep 09 2015 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

Hi ola33,

This is difficult as it is very uncommon English. However, proverbial refers to a common saying, and tuppence is an old slang word meaning “something of little value.”

Therefore, it is my understanding that in this case, the second speaker is implying that the year speaker 1 and 2 shared together was of very little value to either of them.

I hope that helps.



06:26 PM Sep 09 2015 |




Thank you Amy!

07:23 PM Sep 09 2015 |