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using video in the class



Hi everyone. Do you like to use TV and video in ESL class? How do you do it? It can be hard for students to understand, but they enjoy watching it. Thank you!

04:00 AM Jul 29 2009 |

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yes.i like it


06:29 AM Jul 29 2009 |



students motly love video. Even if it;s just a video of a teacher explaining something, it's different for them; a change from the usual routine.

04:17 AM Jul 30 2009 |




use TV to learn english more exciting and it's easy to catch what it means. I usually use ESL channel in Youtube…this one: YouTube – JenniferESL's Channel

09:35 AM Jul 30 2009 |



United States


 The problem with TV is it's non-Interactive. I'd recommend having students watch videos/tv as homework assignments off-hours and use your classroom time for more interactive activities. For some students their time in class is their only opportunity to interact with others in English. 

09:54 PM Aug 10 2009 |

Anna The English Teacher

United Kingdom

I think that if the TV is linked to your learning focus then it really can be of great benefit. It is a different way for the students to learn and with you tube channels it makes it easy to really make sure it links in. Please visit this channel there are lots of great videos to help with your learning. http://www.youtube.com/user/skypeenglishschool 


01:40 AM Sep 11 2009 |