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I have a question, please.. I am waiting for the answer.



Saudi Arabia

Hi English-baby members :

I have a question, please.. I am waiting for the answer.

choose the correct answer :

What is the antonym of urban dwellers?

 إجابة answer

      1) People of mountain

  2) People of village

 -3) People of city

which the correct one : 2   or   3 ?? and why ??

09:00 PM Apr 23 2013 |

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Russian Federation

I don’t really know what exactly seems obvious to you, so, please, don’t get angry at me for too much detailed description))

Firstly, “antonym” of a certain word is the word which has the opposite meaning to one which is stated. Then “urban” means something regarding city lifestyle. “Dwell” – to live, to reside; so “dweller” is one who lives, resident. Summing up, urban dweller – a man who lives in a city.

Technically, either of first two answers can be correct. But as an opposite meaning of city lifestyle peacefull quiet countyside residents are mostly meant. Therefore, I’d rather choose the second one. 

08:08 AM Apr 24 2013 |



Saudi Arabia

Orchestra “I’d rather choose the second one. “

 me too but my dr. of reading course considered it as a wrong answer. I am angry at him and … myself, too :(

really thanks Orchestra

12:19 PM Apr 24 2013 |



i’m not speach english very well.can yu tech me p


02:46 PM Apr 30 2013 |



hi..i’m a new member of english baby …i just want to improve and learn my english speaking or grammar because that is my weaknesses..help me please .. i hope a have  learn  a lot ..,

07:05 AM May 02 2013 |


Saudi Arabia

3  People of city

Relating to or concerned with a city or densely populated area

10:27 AM May 09 2013 |



United Kingdom


01:10 PM May 12 2013 |



Russian Federation

You know, everyone makes mistakes and surely I’m not an exception. Nevertheless, you guys are likely not to realize what antonym means correctly. As Wiki claims: “An antonym is one of a pair of words with opposite meanings”, so that one should chose the answer with the opposite meaning!

Therefore, I bet, 3rd option can’t be correct. Put me right with the clear explanation of what the thing is, in case you’re sure in another statement

06:45 AM May 13 2013 |



option 3 is correct .

03:15 PM May 31 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

HI guys.
When you want to look informal? and when you need  to look more formal? 

01:28 PM Jun 02 2013 |



Palestinian Territory, Occupied

hi..for me , i think  the second one is the correct one

01:06 PM Jul 15 2013 |