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Grammatical tips



1) I’d rather somebody did something.:

We say ‘I would rather you did’ something. (Not: I would rather you do something.)

Who is going to drive, you or me? I ‘would rather you drive.’ (= I would prefer you to drive.)

Jack says he’ll repair your bike tomorrow, ok? I ‘would rather he did’ it today.

Are you going to tell Anna what happened, or ‘would you rather I told’ her?

2) In the above structure we use ‘the past’ (drove, did etc.), but the meaning is present not past.

COMPARE: I would rather cook dinner today.

                      I would rather you cooked dinner today. (Not: I would rather you cook dinner today.)

3) I ‘would rather you didn’t ’ do something. = I would prefer you not to do it.

Shall I tell Anna what happened? I ‘would rather you didn’t’ do so.

*Are you going to tell Anna what happened? No, I ‘would rather she did not’ know it. 


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