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Hi, I need your help dear colleagues

What kind of materials or websites do you usually use while creating new activities for your students.

Particularly for 6-7 years old students 

Thanks in advance 😊

06:18 AM May 26 2018 |

Go to the TOEFL® page >



Hi, you may use these websites :


https://m.vk.com/languagestuff ~ this website is full of printable materials and games


Here you can find ready lesson plans.

08:56 AM May 28 2018 |



Thanks a lot 😊

09:27 AM May 28 2018 |



Hello, my  dear colleague!                                                          It’s  generally true  that nowadays every tutor collides with the difficulties of choosing materials for teaching kids. I  advice you  checkerboard play,  story box, an ABC balllon and so. In addition,  through painting, music,  composition,  a film project, in role drama or sculpture the kids have had a chance  to share vocabulary,  ideas  and concepts. Also you can use boy and girl dolls in order to teach english words like this is a girl and this is a boy.        Futhermore you can choose appropriate  websites concerning your given question:                                  https// buggyanbuddy. com,                                         https// www.education.com,                                         https// www.  pinterest. com.  I reckon that  my advice will be suitable for you. 

03:36 PM Jun 19 2018 |



Hi, Sevarka! Thanks a lot for raising this question. Sometimes it’s so difficult to find appropriate materials or activities according the theme and level of pupils. I can advise you such websites as eslkidslab.com, eslkids.com and teachingchannel.org. These websites are very helpful for teachers. There you can find a lot of flashcards, worksheets, videos, classroom games and children’s songs lyrics. Materials on these websites are designed for all levels and learning styles. I hope you’ll find them useful.

08:05 AM Jun 21 2018 |



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11:05 AM Aug 14 2018 |