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Obama's Inauguration

Inauguration n.

a start or beginning; a ceremonial introduction to a position.


  • "The company held a meeting to inaugurate its new business plan."
  • "When the governor was inaugurated, he held his hand on the Bible and promised to serve honestly."

I think that when Obama takes office it will _________ my country.

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What do you think Obama's presidency will mean for you and your country?


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08:57 AM Feb 27 2010 |



In china I was told nobady can change the history,but one can be on behalf of the whole people.And Obama and his new goverment maybe changed the crisis into a better aend

01:56 PM Mar 28 2009 |




In my impression , black men r pure and honest , and I am also happy US get a black president.But I am very disappointed now ,cause his policy show his shortsighted and foxy ,maybe it may benefit American government ,but it does harm us severely,we lent him billions of money,he give us wastepaper in return…I don't know what kind of person he is …but I know a point now…white or black ,as long as they are politician ,they suck!!!

05:46 PM Mar 25 2009 |



I think the inauguration of Obama was veri luxurious. I think he has suffered in his life during his infancy so he will care for the poor more than Bush let wait and see his actions to create a state of Palestine, his politics towards Iran and after will judge

05:25 PM Mar 25 2009 |

quick to pardon


I hope from obama change many things.

02:18 PM Mar 25 2009 |



i am a chinese. when i watch obama’inauguration ,i’m so happy to American who have much courage to elect a black person as prisent.my opions,obama’prisency is good for our nation .people from around the world are looking forward to defeat the crisis.china and usa play a important role. they muat work together.and become company

01:00 AM Mar 24 2009 |


Cocos (Keeling) Islands

I’m happy to know your idea about the inauguration of the US’ president Obama.I just view your idea online,and i agree with you .i hope i can communicate more and make friends with you,we can learn something from each other.

09:55 AM Mar 21 2009 |


Cocos (Keeling) Islands

He’s cool,and i feel happy whenever i see his smile.I think he must be a very kind man,so i hope he will make a hit in his time!

09:43 AM Mar 21 2009 |



I think we live in a crunch time and one person cannot solve all the problem

06:56 PM Mar 20 2009 |



Obama is really a historical person.We are all expecting his reformation of the global economic crisis.By the way,I appreciate the Americans for they have elected a black man to become their president.They are really open-minded and rich in tolerance.Though there is no telling what will happen in the future,at least at this moment…we consider him a miracle of the crunch time and also an angel bestowed by God !!

12:40 PM Mar 18 2009 |

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