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What does "indication" mean?

Vocabulary Word: indication

1. Definition (n.) a sign or signal that calls attention or is indicative of something else

Examples My sister’s frequent speeding tickets were a good indication of her driving skills.

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2. Definition (n.) a hint, clue, or something that gives you an idea of what is going on

Examples The way that Samantha refused to look at Fred was a good indication that she was angry at him.

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he didnt like to call me, I should have known its an indication that he didnt love me.

12:48 AM Apr 09 2014 |



There was not any indication of the reason of his absence

02:38 PM Apr 06 2014 |



and a person’s charater isn’t determined by how he or she enjoys vitory,but rather how he or she endures defeat.

02:57 AM Apr 03 2014 |

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