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What does "head" mean?

Vocabulary Word: head

1. Definition (v.) go

Examples Hey. Can you head to my house soon? It’s getting late.

Examples Let’s head out to the coast this weekend.

Examples I’ll head to work in about 5 minutes if you need a ride.

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2. Definition (v.) hit the ball with one’s head in soccer or football

Examples When the ball is coming at you from up high, it’s best to head it, not kick it.

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Let’s head to the cinema this afternoon

02:59 AM Nov 28 2023 |




Yes, I watched the skillful guys heading a ball. You must have a pretty strong head for that. The comforting thing is that the impact is on the forehead which is the strongest part, a little bit to the side, the temple area and concussion happens.

03:27 AM Jan 12 2013 |

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