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Count and Noncount Nouns

Count nouns are nouns you can count. They are individual units, and they can be cut into parts. Some examples of count nouns include tree, house, boy, girl, country, city, or idea.

Count nouns can be pluralized. We can have three trees, two girls, or many ideas. It is possible to use the articles a and an with count nouns, when there is only one of them. For example, "I met a cute boy today," or, "That's an interesting idea."

Noncount nouns are nouns that can’t be counted or broken into parts. These nouns cannot be pluralized. They have no plural form. Liquids such as coffee or water, concepts such as love or peace, and collective nouns such as furniture or luggage are all examples of noncount nouns.

Noncount nouns cannot be used with the articles a or an. To show the quantity of a noncount noun, we use expressions like some, much, less, a lot of, a little of, etc. For example, "I have a lot of furniture in my house," or, "This guidebook doesn't have much information about French culture."

Count and Noncount Nouns Grammar Quiz

  1. I've had so coffee today, I can't stop shaking.

  2. When we moved we packed up all of our except for the kitchen table.

  3. I don't care for it when women wear a lot of .

  4. They have two in their home.

  5. Did you hear the terrible storm with last night?

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